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Gospel roots to jazzy heights: dNessa can croon them all...”
Sonya Vann, The Japan Times

Duke Ellington’s highest compliment for someone was “beyond category,” a rarified level where “categorizations,” labels, appellations, etc. mean little or nothing. dNessa belongs in this class. Born to musicians, her father jazz, and her mother gospel, dNessa’s introduction to life was through song. Raised by a God- fearing mother and following her example, to be heard in church, dNessa had to demonstrate the ability to perform contemporary to classical music. Since, her career has spanned from North America to Asia, blending together a diverse and unique expression of what we call MUSIC. As an independent artist/composer, a variety of performances have enhanced and broadened her range in pursuit of a phenomenal music career.

Diverse in all forms of music, dNessa is not content just to be a solo artist. Her other many talents include composing lyrics and vocal arrangements for commercial jingles, record projects, tv and movie soundtracks. These works are heard throughout Asian television and radio. Employed to successfully promote brand names such as Sony Vaio, Nescafe, Fuji Film, Nestea, Acuve, Kose Cosmetics, Kirin Fire Coffee/featuring Stevie Wonder, movie soundtrack LaBelle Epoque, tv series Pokemon, book readings/CD soundtracks for Tiki & Dodo adventures, Disney E-Mobile phone and many more projects have expanded her diverse studio background. Her music is performed with all the panache, polish and personal flair that has resonated in the repertoires of everyone from Sarah Vaughn to Sarah Brightman, and beyond.

Her affiliation with independent and major record labels has allowed her to become an in-demand session vocalist that writes and performs on various recording projects with Japanese artist such as TRF, Speed, Morning Musume, Tekeshi Nakatsuka, Equal, Japan’s godfather of DJ’s Tohru Takahashi, DJ Koo, DJ Yutaka and Yuki Koyanagi. Proclaimed Japanese soul legend Masayuki Suzuki has employed dNessas’ numerous musical talents while on his multi-city Japan tours and sessions. dNessas’ appreciation for the experiences in Japan has enriched her desire for even greater success. Since returning from her second contract in Japan’s newest luxury hotel, The Ritz Carlton, the cities tallest skyscraper located in the new Tokyo Midtown Development in Roppongi, dnessa was the highlight of the Ritz Carlton Bahrain Luxury Hotel and Resort New Years Eve Ball and was requested to opened the Ritz Carlton Reserve Phulay Bay Krabi Thailand and performed at One & Only Resort Reethi Rah, Maldives.

Performances with the legendary Cab Calloway, Theodore Marcus “Teddy” Edwards, Stan Gilbert, Larry Von Nash, Carl Burnett, Kim Pensyl, Bernard Wright, grammy winner Roy Hargroove and Bobby Sparks, dNessa breathes jazz. To her recordings featured with Japanese soul musicians, dNessa exudes R&B. Sharing the stage with musicians, such as the late Robert Palmer and numerous Japanese idol artists, dNessa translates pop; In her heart, dNessa is gospel but her presence, dNessa is classical. On the cusp of boundless stardom dNessa is an artist that delivers and is ready to embrace mass appeal.

Take a moment, take a listen, take note... dNessa is MUSIC... “beyond category.”